Shetland is around 200 miles north of Aberdeen, 400 miles south of the Arctic Circle and 225 miles west of Norway. It consists of over 100 islands, fifteen of which are inhabited. By road, the Shetland mainland is about 100 miles long from North to South. There is no point in Shetland where you can be further than three miles from the sea.

Shetland is distinctive in its music, geology, archaeology, 1,697 miles of coastal scenery and variety of birds, mammals and plants. You can also see the aurora borealis (northern lights) quite often on a clear winter's night.

There are approx 22,000 people living in Shetland. The majority of our visitors remark on how friendly and helpful the locals are. Contrary to what most people expect, Shetland is a busy place with a prosperous economy and very low unemployment rates.

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